Custody providers in the crypto space are increasingly challenged by keeping up with changing regulatory requirements and the technical needs involved with staking, including wallet configurations. We partner closely with custody firms to solve this challenge.

Why custody providers choose Foundry
  • Provider agnostic:
    By being custody provider agnostic, we partner with all providers to deliver the best possible experience to your customers.
  • Technical expertise:
    Our highly experienced technical team partners with yours to develop new solutions, such as single-click staking, natively supported in your custodial wallet.
  • Regulatory knowledge:
    our team recognizes the ongoing evolution of the regulatory requirements in the space. We ensure we remain up to speed on regulatory nuances and requirements so that our solutions are compliance-friendly.
  • Onboarding:
    If you support custody for stakeable assets but your wallet configuration isn’t compatible with staking, we work with you to help you support crypto staking.
  • Strong backing:
    Staking crypto with Foundry means staking with staking a provider backed by one of the most prolific players in the blockchain industry today, Digital Currency Group.
  • Established player:
    Foundry is backed by one of the most prolific players in the blockchain industry today, Digital Currency Group. When you stake with Foundry, you are working with the most talented and experienced group of companies in the industry.

Why choose Foundry?

Personalized Support:

Tailored, high-touch support and advisory services with global support based out of North America.


The strongest technical team in the industry with unrivaled experience in staking and protocols.

Backed by Digital Currency Group:

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, we offer clients the opportunity to tap into our ecosystem.


Business intelligence, staking rewards data, education and more.


Self-staking our own assets means we are putting skin in the game. We align our interests to yours.

Infrastructure and security:

World-class infrastructure and best-in-class security across protocols.