About Us

About Us

ViotX Web 3.0 All Projects are Offered by subsidiary of ViotX Umbrella Group which is Technology Company working in Various Internet Backed online delivering Products and Services. is offered by VIOTX Group, which was created to meet the institutional demand for better capital access, efficiency, and transparency in the digital currency mining and staking industry. Foundry Staking provides leading digital asset staking and advisory services for institutions, including venture capital funds, exchanges, hedge funds and more. As part of our commitment to empowering a decentralized infrastructure, Foundry Staking provides staking infrastructure and tooling to help firms put their crypto to work.


What We Provide

Robust infrastructure and security

To support leading institutions, Foundry offers world-class infrastructure and security for each protocol. We also offer real-time monitoring for all of our nodes. Built on our private Foundry cloud, our infrastructure is designed to allow for high-end customization and hardware access when needed.

White glove service

Staking can be complex. Our team works with you to understand the nuances of staking. No matter who you custody with or which protocols you want to stake, we partner with you and your third-parties to ensure a seamless experience.

Protocol partnerships

Through our deep relationships in the ecosystem, we uphold direct partnerships with top protocol teams. This means timely communications around protocol updates and hands-on support.


We are one of the few staking providers who self-stakes their own assets. This means our interests are aligned to yours.

Don't let your Virtual DIgital Asset /crypto assets sit idle

As the leader in digital asset staking advisory services, Foundry can work with you to help you understand various protocols and put your crypto to work.

Transparent rewards data

Foundry is committed to providing transparent and easily accessible rewards data.

Intense R & D

We’re always reviewing and evaluating new projects and protocols. Interested in a protocol not listed? Let us know!

Trusted insight

Through Foundry’s expansive mining, staking and pool services, we bring an unrivaled network and foresight into the evolution of crypto.

High-touch service and support
  • This space is complex. Let us help you navigate it.
  • Interested in staking but unsure how to get started?
  • Need support to purchase tokens? Talk to one of our Foundry staking experts today